Mic Pre amps


We have come down to our favorite two Microphone pre amps.

AB Pre-1

The first is a class "A" design with a classic input transformer and modern output transformer.

We use the very best components like Elma switches and A/B potentiometers .

The mic pre has a impedance option for ribbons as well as modern mic impedances .

30 ohms ,70 ohms 150 ohms and 600 ohms.

The mic pre has the same wonderful sound as my classic A or B-range Trident but more head room and less noise.

We will be offering it in Stereo single rack space as well as a 8 channel single rack space unit.

AB pre-2

The second mic pre amp is a 500 series mic pre with your choice of Analog Domains op-amps or classic API or 990 op-amps

We will be updating an eta on these mic pre amps soon.




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