The new direction

( The A/D Team )

We are bring two good friends and heavy hitters on board. I will be introducing them in the coming days.

One has the most Digital chops of anyone I know and will be working with me on the automation system, software and the new A/D and D/A units as well as brand new digital projects we have on the drawing board.

The other friend is an Analog guy head to toe with 35+ years of experience. Tube /solid state is his world and will be helping in the Analog gear manufacturing and testing. We also have been working together to bring the "Fine Tube Block" for release . We are at the point of building them for testing at this point.

We will have a few positions open soon. Office manger , Sales manager, international product distribution, and IT. These positions will open up in Spring of 2016.

Feel free to inquire early by email.



We are in the process of writing "white papers " on all of our new products.



For service and repair

Though we are starting a new manufacturing facility of Analog Domain exclusive products we will have repair and service available on select items.

email us and we will see if we can help

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This link details how Analog Domain plans to sell our products.

It is a bit different than any company I know of. For example 3 year 100% warranty !

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We will be having a face book page soon. We have a news letter and welcome you to join in. It is interactive and helps share ideas and opinions.

Please email if you want to be on the list.

We will not be sending out anything without an email request.

At this time we have 1277 news letter subscribers from around the globe!




Products from Analog Domain Inc.


The summing mixer.

12 channel mixer expandable to 96 inputs

No compromise analog out of the box experience.

8 aux sends, Pan, insert, a wonderful two band eq and more.

The master section is also straight out of my personal custom console.

here is a link to my console build

All will be able to be controlled with our automation system.

Same building blocks found in all the classic discrete consoles.

These building blocks have been used in the big names in analog consoles .

They are the same topology as Trident A & B -range, Helios, Sound Techniques and others.

We have pushed these designs into the 21st century. Lower noise, Expanded head room and new modular approach without loosing the sound of the historic consoles.

The first 20 units are being finished now and will be released on or before March 1 2016

We are making enclosures for the mixers and are on schedule for release.

more photos coming very soon.

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System automation

Automation has always been out of reach for most studio owners.

Not any longer! We have a new approach to automating a console that leaves the old systems in the past.

This will be available on the summing mixer as an option.

Or install it in your current console.

We are testing it in my personal console now and it is simple to use and very powerful.

We are currently working on the User interface software so it can work on any platform including your I-Pad!

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Tape machine synchronizer

When I had my studio I started doing more and more music for film and TV.

I needed a way to sync my 4 Stephens 24 tracks together and lock it to sequencers ,video decks ,console automation etc.

There was nothing on the market for the Stephens transport so I designed one.

It was flawless and I used it for many years with never an issue.

We sold many of these units over the years to major film houses and studios.We recently have had request for them again.

Very simple to install for an average tech.

We will be updating the user interface control to blue tooth and multi platform use I.E. I-Pad etc

I am making them again!


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Microphone pre amp rack.

A eight or sixteen channel "class A" mic pre rack .Based on a classic class A design used in the historic consoles.

We will also have a mic pre that the design is based on our 2520 type op amps and compatible with the 500 series .

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500 series plus Racks

We call it the "All-A-Board" enclosure

Analog Domain rackable gear for the most part is 500 series rack compatible..Some of the more complex rack gear is not going to work in a standard 500 series rack.

We came up with an elegant solution.

Our racks can support both 500 series and A/D exclusive products!

The real issue is API style gear runs on a + and - power supply . Some of the vintage designs require 45 + volts or 24 volts.

The bottom line is you can plug anything you have 500 series and also add some of our high end products.

There are also options not found on standard 500 series racks.

The ability to have these options for non 500 series really opens the door to the DIY community to make things for this enclosure.

Racks will be available in 8 unit and a single rack space 2 unit versions both with internal power supply.


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We have 3 models we will be issuing .

1. 3 band passive (Pultec type design)

2. 3 Band active based on our 2520/990 op amp

3. 4 Band active full parametric based on the serial op amp in the summing mixer.

This eq closely compares to a ITI ME-230 in sound. I own 8 ME 230's and have used them as a base line.


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A/D and D/A converters

"The Bomb" converters


These are designed to go toe to toe with the very best available.

They will support all digital formats including DSD.

Some of the features are transformer in and out or transformer less operation .

Analog in and outs will be all discrete op amps. You can select any of three types right from the front panel . Your choice.

We have a very high end clock that will be offered as a separate unit.

Great way to insure jitter free converter operation.

The first production unit will be designed for stereo mix down as well as 5.1 mastering.

We are also going to make an eight channel version that is expandable to 96 ins and outs


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Guitar re-amp set up

A set up I have used for years on many many records.

This has been refined over the past 25 years.

It is so transparent and easy to use you will never go back!

The secret is the custom hand wound transformers.

It is a wonderful tracking solution for Guitars and Bass



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The "Fine"tube block

We are faithfully reproducing the mic and line pre from the Westrex "Fine console"

We are the owner of the original console amps and transformers.

They are the only ones in existence !

We have 400 lbs of it!

It will be a two channel mic/line pre.

All I can say is WOW does it sound great!

pictures of the original Fine line amps from the Bayside Westrex Console at Fine..

I also own 2 Church mics from Fine and 3 from MGM..

Who knows maybe a Church mic clone is in the future

Here is a link to some history



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Bits and pieces

We will be offering some building blocks for the DIY builders.

1. AB-HB1 op amp. Based on being interchangeable with API 2520 style

2. The AB-SER1. Same op amp used in our summing mixers and other products

3. AB-BIG1 It is truly unique .

It is a "class A" push-pull design we have used in our gear for many years.

4. Also available is a faithful recreation of the classic API op-amps both red and blue.


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These are all custom made right here at AD.

We are currently buying winding machines and building some machines ourselves.

The goal is to have period correct as well as new modern style transformers.

1. Line in transformer

2. Output line transformer

3. Mic input transformer

4. 10k/10k

5. 600/600


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Coming soon!



We are delivering a custom console to one of our clients.

We are designing and building a new studio for him and will have a sneak preview of the console very soon!

We will have videos, interviews and audio clips on the web site upon its launch.

It is truly a new look at console configuration. Made for the modern recording methods used today.

It interfaces with controllers like Abelton / Pro tools and other platforms.

At its core is the analog building blocks offered in our other products.

This console is fitted with all three of our EQ's , Loaded with our mic pres , and compressors also some surprises.

It is a custom designed console for an award winning producer / engineer.

The goal was simple. Fast seamless work flow.

It came out so wonderful we decide to make it available for purchase.

more info

* We will be updating the news letter with eta of these products *




We have four designs that we are currently working on and hope to have out by this summer 2016

1. Fet compressor limiter I have used for many many years

2. A Decca style unit

3. A unit based on the pye compressor also in my personal console

4. A Stereo mastering grade Comp/Limiter like in my personal console

* We will be updating the news letter with eta of these products *






We have three microphones we have been developing for sometime and will be offering them in the late summer of 2016

1. Large diaphragm condenser that is very close in sound to a U-49

2. A stereo small diaphragm condenser based on the KM-56

3. Re-birth of the reslo. I very compact ribbon with a 44 internal ribbon I just love this mic!


* We will be updating the news letter with eta of these products *





We plan on have some of products including the summing mixer available in kit form.

The release of the DIY kits is on course for a release in late summer 2016.


* We will be updating the news letter with eta of these products *



2017 and beyond


Take a good look at my personal console!

here is the link

Due to many many request to make it available for purchase.

We have on the drawing board a console with Analog Domains input channels.

My personal console has some historic B-range Trident input channels though the rest of the console is of our design. We have a super high end input module in the works!

We plan to offer it with a Radar multi track digital system with our A/D and D/A converters.

If all goes according to plan we will have the first 5 of them in the hands of producers and engineers by the close of 2017.


* We will be updating the news letter with eta of these products *




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