We are adding a new division to Analog Domain.

We are adding a R/D and manufacturing facility to our shops. We have several exciting new products in the works.

Analog Domains new direction

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Also a note to new and our old repair/service customers you will still recieve the same reliable service we have been providing for over 36 years

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For the true gear geek check out the “Building of a Console” - the in-progress photos and notes on the building of a recording set up by producer/engineer Andy Barrett.

The system, designed by Analog domain, utilizes custom bussing and summing incorporating Trident A and B range components as well as API and exclusive designs from Analog Domain. The system is mounted on wheels and subsequently is easily transported to the studio or any variety of remote locations. The finished recording console incorporates the quality and flavor of a vintage board with the features  offered only on the finest of today's modern recording consoles.

In addition a Radar digital multi track has been added enhanced with silent cooling. The system has over 64 channels of mix down and equalization with a choice of Trident A range, Trident B range, API, Sphere and Quad Eight input modules. The end result is a very musical and powerful tracking and mixing set up. An extensive array of outboard gear consisting of racks filled with the very best in vintage analog gear is available as well. For more detailed information as well as a step by step look at the building of the console please click here it will take you to the building of that console