AB Productions

AB Productions is venture by Andy Barrett . Andy has been recording and producing records for over 35 years and has owned World class studios.

Analog Domain has started the ground up build of our new recording and mixing facility for use by AB Productions. It will consist of a mastering/ mixing control room and a small overdub tracking room. It will be equipped with the latest post audio and HD video editing. The focus will be music for film and TV media.

AB Production is currently assembling a Studio band that will be the very best session players available. Currently Andy has been putting together a no-compromise recording set up. The primary reason is for music for film and TV.

This recording set up is a combination of the very latest recording equipment merged with the very best in vintage recording gear. We will have the option of using 48 tracks of the latest IZ radar set up with a choice of top end converters and if the recording calls for analog we will have 16 or 24 track Stephens 2" analog multi tracks available.

The main console is a portable 48 track mixdown A and B range Trident custom built by Analog Domain. A very large microphone inventory spans over 100 high end mics. This is important and starts the recording off on the right foot. Getting the right mic on the recording makes it a more natural and effective recording.

In the out board gear department no stone is left un turned. From eqs like Pultec ,Masenberg, ITI, API , Sphere, quad eight and compressors/limiters from FairChild, Collins, Neve, EMT , Allison and custom Analog Domain models.

When it comes down to the actual recording one of the vital steps is the recording rooms and acoustics. We have formed a close relation with Stem studio in Paradise Valley AZ. Owned and managed by Curtis Grippe . Andy was onboard from the very beginning of the planning , design and studio construction. The acoustics of the main room , Iso boths and control room were designed for optimal acoustics. After lots of fine tuning the facility is done . It sounds and functions up to World Class standards. Curtis has spent many years playing in bands and recording many records and this experience is a big part of the wonderful recording experience in Stem Studios. This a big reason for making Stem Studios home base for AB production.