We are adding a new division to Analog Domain.

We are adding a R/D and manufacturing facility to our shops. We have several exciting new products in the works.

Analog Domains new direction

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Also a note to new and our old repair/service customers you will still recieve the same reliable service we have been providing for over 36 years.

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Analog Domain Inc. offers the finest in repair, design and restoration of all vintage, classic and high end analog gear. State of the art repair and manufacturing facility with over 30 years of audio repair and design experience. Specializing in multitrack analog tape decks, recording consoles, mixing consoles, vintage microphones, vintage outboard gear and all discrete and tube type electronics. State of the art test equipment including HP, Sound tech, System One, Amber are utilized in our repair

  • Specializing in discrete analog consoles/Analog multi-tracks.
    Offering complete repair and restoration on all vintage mixing boards. We also build custom side cars , rack mounts, complete consoles, mic pre amps,individual and stereo modules from your favorite vintage console and more. We also restore vintage IC based consoles. Including upgrades and all factory suggested Offering repairs on all 24 track, 16 track, 8 track and 2 track analog recorders. We also offer complete restoration service.
  • Tube/Mic pre conversions.
    I started doing this 30 years ago and have found some tried and true mods to old recorder/reel to reel electronics that converts them into mic pres that stand up next to High end modern and vintage
  • Vintage Microphone repair
    We rebuild all studio microphones and their power supplies. Specializing in Tube and Ribbon mic's
  • Custom designed mic pre-amps
    We offer a wide range of microphone pre-amps. We can make a clone of your favorite vintage mic pre amp.
  • 25 years experience in custom studio and acoustic design.
    These days most studios are not built from the ground up and must occupy the existing structure. We have 30 years of studio build's and can support designs from DIY to full turnkey set ups. Our designs are based on cost savings for the home and project studios with no compromise on sound. The savings is greater typically than the cost of our designs . Because of the typical waste of time and materials and the savings of DIY traps and sound treatment,isolation etc our designs save time and money getting you the best sound for your dollar. We have many referrals of recent studio builds . We use the finest test equipment to analyze the rooms state of the art test equipment including HP, Sound tech, System One, Amber combined with years of practical acoustic experience.

In the repair shop we use state of the art test equipment including HP, Sound tech, System One, Amber and many more high end analyzers are utilized in our repair facility. In the machine shop we re manufacture parts for classic multi tracks For the finest in Audio repairs drop us an email.

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